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Apply Principles of an Effective Coaching Session

Av ricardo rodriguez - 22 december 2008 20:05

Provide lots of activity
- ensure maximum participation.
- keep time spent waiting in line to a minimum.

• Make best use of time, facilities and equipment
- limit talking.
- design activities to suit the area you have, number of balls, varying levels of ability, etc.

• Ensure variety
- new drills constantly stimulate players.
- small game-type activities develop skills and tactical awareness.

• Explanations and demonstrations
- provide a clear model of what you want.
- ask questions such as “what did you do?” and “why did you do that?” to improve understanding.
- most players learn faster by doing than by listening.

• Appropriate practice
- provide practice activities that reflect real game situations.
- opposed activities (minor games) allow players to develop skills at their own pace.
- give feedback on individual skill and effort.
- check understanding of drills by questioning.
- be positive, specific and encouraging.

• Appropriate progression
- each step should be achievable, but challenging.
- progress from:
• slow to fast.
• simple to complex.
• unopposed to opposed.

• Safety
- physical safety is paramount.
- a non-threatening environment helps learning.

• Allow for individual differences
- players need to learn at their own rate.

• Involve players in planning
- giving players responsibility increases their commitment.

• Be organised but flexible in planning
- alter your plan if necessary, eg for poor weather.


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